Every Piece Of The Puzzle Is Important

As both an introduction “Getting To Know You” piece … and a way to introduce simple computer skills (download a photo, word process and print) and introduce project skills (cutting, trimming, using glue) – my fifth graders did this “Puzzle” project. I still have some students not finished so there are more pieces to come.

We read several books about talents and had discussions about how boring it would be if everyone was good at the same stuff. Then each student brainstormed skills and knowledge they bring to school that when they work in a group enhance the work of the team. When each student printed out their work it was amazing to watch the students that were not part of our class last year. Many had never printed something before and just doing that was exciting. I had these puzzle people shapes my wife and I bought at a teacher store and the kids loved them. Students chose a color to make their piece, then glued everything down and we put them up. We’ve already had some great discussions sparked by the different skills students have.

Learning is messy

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7 thoughts on “Every Piece Of The Puzzle Is Important

  1. Kelly – in case it helps – we used “Crow Boy” – by Taro Yashima, The New Kid By Katie Couric, Chrysanthemum By Kevin Henkes, Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days by Stephan Manes as “intos”

  2. What a great idea… Now I just have to find the books. I find it so important to teach the kids about difference as good and enriching to all of us.