We’ve Had To Stop Skyping Celest Into Class

It’s actually good news.

I was finishing getting ready for students this morning when in walked our counselor, Celest and her mom. They had news,  Celest won’t be needing to Skype into class anymore because as of today she is a showing-up and-sitting-in-a-chair-in-class-like-everyone-else member of class. The doctors surprised them last week with the news and they decided to surprise us. So we’ve gone in a matter of weeks from a possibly life threatening infection. To Here’s your seat right here. How cool is that!?

Heres the proof: Pink shirt, just to right of center.
A picture I really didn’t think we’d take this year!

And below taken in January.

Learning is messy!

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13 thoughts on “We’ve Had To Stop Skyping Celest Into Class

  1. I’ve often told and shown your initial story of how you skyped Celeste in at the beginning. I use it to share the story itself as well to show teachers what students can do in the way of making movies. Everyone LOVED that video. I will be sure, now, to share this wonderful news.

  2. I am so glad that Celeste is back in class with all of you. Your efforts were well worth it. Skype is so awesome for use in the classroom and I hope to use your story as a successful way to integrate. God bless you Celeste and all of your friends. You guys are totally AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Again, as with your last Celeste update, I’m truly awed at the amount of grit and determination this young lady possesses! What a remarkable way to end the year.

  4. Brian,

    Thank you for keeping everyone informed. It’s not about the technology, it’s about what the technology allows you to do. I, along with so many others, have felt connected to you and your class. We have all learned. Only the best to you and your class as your roll with them to 5th grade. I agree, “learning is messy,” but you have created a masterpiece from the mess this year.


    Thank you for your commitment to learning, growing, and building relationships with your classmates. Celest, you are an inspiration. You hang in there, continue to fight. I know there are times when things get difficult, but you never give up. You have a world of support – really, a world. Many of us pray for you and your family frequently.

    Class, you are an inspiration too. You accepted Celest, and learned to support her in her times of need. You helped her keep up with her learning. You not only learned the lessons from your books, you learned lessons of compassion, acceptance, and working together even when you were separated. Isn’t the internet great. Way to go Skype!

    Enjoy your summer…and I hope to hear (read) more great stories from the fifth grade.

    I have two questions for everyone…Which picture do you like better? Why do you like the one you chose?

    Mr. Murry
    Dalton Middle School
    Dalton, GA

    PS – I’m going to write another story in my blog. You guys & gals are terrific!

  5. Ric – Thanks for the more than thoughtful words. You just might have given us our next blog topic. My students haven’t actually seen this blog post yet (well a few have, but we haven’t looked as a class) – but I’ll have them look at it now.
    Thanks again!

  6. This has been a fascinating journey, Brian. I had a very similar situation in my elementary classroom 8 years ago and found the technology of the day to be helpful but it wasn’t possible to stay as connected as you were able to do this year. I appreciate you sharing the experiences. Your archive has kicked off some great conversations and helped open the eyes of many of my preservice and graduate students.

  7. Would your school allow my children to teleconference in? There is nothing saying that we have to do this through a local school. Molly is 7….2nd grade by age, but performing well above her grade level. Her reading skills were tested to 9th grade.

    Maggie is 5 and kindergarden age and functioning at a 1st grade level.

    We would love to find someone who would be willing to do this……..PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!

    Ron Seidman from the Talia Seidmann Foundation has been working so hard to find a school anywhere in the nation that would take the children. We are incredibly good people and my daughters are incredibly special children.

    Perhaps if your school cannot, you know of one somewhere that will. It justs seems….you have th equipment….perhaps you would like a new child?

    Please feel free to e-mail me and I will share as much as I can. This is so unbelievably important to me……..and to the children. PLEASE help us.

    Terri Cerda

  8. Not sure what happened to my first post….my children have an immune deficiency and cannot go to school. They are awesome, emotionally intact children with genius IQs. The local school district is refusing to accept that the children need social interaction and will not address it in any way, shape or form. We are hearthbroken by the lack of morality and the interest of the school to do as little as they cna possibly do to work with my children. My advocacy team is beginning to agree that the school does not have address my children’s social needs unless we prove incompetance. They are social little ladies and BADLY need interaction with other children.