Not How I Envisioned Starting The Year – Update

Wow, I’ve had a lot response and offers of support since I posted yesterday about the theft of over 40 laptops from my school including 11 of the laptops that support my 1:1 laptop program – Thank You All!!!. Therefore I thought I’d better update you on the status of the investigation and replacement possibilities.

Today police reports and paperwork for “Risk Management” were filled out. What happens next is of course somewhat fuzzy, but my best guess is that the 30 HP laptops that were stolen will eventually be replaced … how long that will take ????? More complicated will be what happens with the 11 iBooks since they were old and we are now an “HP” district. Chris Lehmann suggested the HP Mini-Notes because of their cost … but we have to buy certain models of HP and Mini-Notes are not on the list. There was talk last year of me piloting an XO laptop program, but that went away because the money went away and IT was not real supportive – but maybe that would be a way to go.

So the upshot is that THANK YOU! so much to those of you that have offered sympathy and support, I am truly humbled that others would offer support so easily. I’m not 100% sure yet what support will be needed until the “Risk Management” part of this shakes out, but I will keep you updated on what happens.

Learning is messy!

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3 thoughts on “Not How I Envisioned Starting The Year – Update

  1. Brian, this is so unreal. Best of luck with replacements, insurance, and all that. If you’re seriously thinking of going XO laptops, give me a jingle. Will be glad to share thoughts…

  2. I have a mini note that I’m using as my main computer right now because my desktop won’t turn on. I’m not quite sure yet if I’d reccomend them. The size of it is great. It makes it really easy to take back & forth to school & the battery life is really good. But, it does not play back video or video conferencing very well. It is always choppy. Mine also runs very warm. I can’t use it for very long on my lap without a cooling pad. Also, the screen can be hard to read without some tweaking & having a browser with a true zoom. I’ve been using Opera & (yuck) IE over FireFox. If you do end up going with them stay away from Vista. One of the first things I did with mine was install XP. As always it’s just a tool & if it can do what you need than it could be a great tool.