Slow Average Internet Speeds Relative To Other Nations Could Threaten Innovation

I’m sitting in a session by Alan November called:

Expanding Boundaries of Learning: Designing Rigorous and Globally Connected Assignments

And I just pulled up this article:

Study: U.S. lags in ’net speed – Slow average internet speeds relative to other nations could threaten innovation
From eSchool News staff and wire service reports

Here is the first paragraph from the article:

“A report from the Communications Workers of America says the United States has fallen to 16th place behind other industrialized nations in high-speed internet access. The union warns that slow internet speeds will dull America¹s edge in competition with other countries, and it recommends a national policy to address the problem.”

So I’m at the largest edtech conference in the US – and this is what I pull up … anyone else get the irony????

Learning is messy!!!!

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