Twitter Spam? Auto Follow? Is This An Issue For You?

I don’t want to make too much out of this, but just wonder how others see this. This has started out slow and has lately been much more prevalent. But in Twitter if I mention a company or group as part of a Tweet, the next thing I know I am being followed by someone, or sometimes 3 or more people that have ties to that company or group. I know I can choose to follow or not, or even block them, but until recently I haven’t had to make too many of those decisions … and I know this sounds really petty, but I liked it better when I didn’t have to think about this much.

Personally I don’t generally follow people back unless on their Twitter page they tell something real about themselves and have a link to a blog or a web page they have something to do with. And I know others do about the same. I also block anyone that has a porno site or seem fairly “seedy” in general. I know some people “live and let live” and don’t block anyone, but as an elementary school teacher I don’t want to have to explain to someone why I ALLOW some sex site or whatever to follow me on Twitter when I could have blocked them. I hate to say this, but especially as a male elementary teacher I  feel I have to be extra careful – I have been taken aside and told by school district administration that I am not to hug or touch kids really at all … note that my female counterparts are not given that “suggestion” but I have been told that more than once (and not because there had been some issue, just because,  “We don’t want there to be.” ).

So have others had this “spam” Twitter followers issue come up more of late? People that follow you right after you have mentioned something in a Tweet that somehow connects to them? Does this bother you at all? Is it all OK?

Learning is messy!

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5 thoughts on “Twitter Spam? Auto Follow? Is This An Issue For You?

  1. Yep. I’ve noticed a lot more of late. Like you, I am a male elementary certified teacher. I moved to the middle school classroom about a decade ago, but I know what you are going through.

    I also monitor my followers as best I can for the same reasons. What drives me nuts is there are still some I have blocked that show in my Followers list. When I click on them, the only option it gives me is to Unblock them. What?!? At least it shows I tried.

    I expect stuff like this as long as morons are free to roam the Internet like they do. We just have to continue to work harder because of them, yet still enjoy the benefits of the networking possibilities the web provides.

  2. I have noticed it as well. A few times I followed ones that were not in my field but felt they may have something interesting to say. That created a slew of new followers. I have often clicked on a new follower, read the bio, and wondered “what did I say to get followed by this person.”

    Like my blog reader, I read a variety of blogs for a variety of interests and don’t mind hearing more then edtech, but really need to be careful who they are. You are right to be cautious. I do the same on facebook.

  3. I don’t know if I’ve noticed it more lately than before although it does seem Twitter is reaching a critical mass if it hasn’t already. I’m personally at my Twitter limit so whereas I used to be very generous about following almost any educator who followed me I rarely follow new people nowadays because I can’t keep up with everyone.

  4. I see this trend as well. Then again I’ve used Tweetdeck with searching certain terms to find people I want to follow who have similar interests. It always makes me feel so important to be followed by Bubba’s carwash or some other corporate interest. I usually DM them asking for coupons to be mailed to my address. When they say “no” i block them. Another fun time is bartering and haggling with telemarketers. I highly recommend the process.

  5. Brian,

    It seems that companies realize the potential of twitter as a marketing tool and search their name to find additional followers. I never add anyone without checking their bio first and lately, I, too, find i’m adding far fewer people than I used it. I’ve reached the saturation point and it is quite messy (to use the BC vernacular!)