Our Blog Post of the Week Award!

From our class blog:

We are each reading other students’ blogs this week to find  well written, interesting blog posts. When we find one we think might be a winner we cut and paste the URL into a Word page, write a short description and save it. Each day this week we will add to our list of nominees and then on Friday we will decide which one will be our winner. We have put a template for a possible post you might write to your winner. So let’s find some really great posts and make someone’s day by making them our winner!

Winners name here

Congratulations! You are my blog post of the week award winner!

I have been looking for great student blog posts all week. I found several good ones, but I decided yours was the best!


The reason I chose this post was …

I also liked …

My favorite part of this post is …

I really liked how you …


Again, congratulations for being my winner this week!

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