Anywhere, Anytime: Using Mobile Phones for Learning

This was too cool. Lots of possibilities. Pocketcaster software – free download – allows your cell phone to stream live video to their website where it is archived. Then you can put your clips together later to make a video project. The example they showed had high school students visit a science museum where they had been directed to make video projects on specific topics. They perused the museum and shot clips of displays, docents and experts answering questions about their topic. Then they returned to school, pulled up their archived video which they reordered and edited into presentations.

Pocketcaster also has the ability to stream your video to the site where it shows it in side by side with a GPS screen shot that follows you around – they showed video shot out the window of a car traveling down the highway and you could see its progress on the GPS map in the window next to it.

Pocketcaster software:
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One thought on “Anywhere, Anytime: Using Mobile Phones for Learning

  1. What an awesome resource for not only the students, but the teacher as well. I teach second grade, and I think it would be neat to show the students what you can do with technology.