We are at a brainstorming stage in out Bike Project where we were listing out ideas on different topics. I was going to do this on our ActivBoard because unlike writing on a chalkboard or regular whiteboard what you write on it is archived (as long as you “save”) and you can come back to it and change it, add to it and more – and I love that. And eventually we probably will once we have things nailed down a bit more. But as I explained to my students I really wanted them to “think out of the box” and “out there” as far as ideas and I wanted what we came up with to be constantly available and staring us in the face, so I dug out a pad of chart paper size sticky notes I’ve had for awhile, and we used those to put down our early thoughts. We did OK … I needed to shut my mouth more and just right down what they said no matter what … and we … or I will try that again on Monday.











After we add any new ideas we come up with we will prioritize them and then flesh out each one. We might contact some local marketing people to see if they are willing to help us with this stage of the process, or possibly to gives us other ideas on things we might do that have a proven impact … we’ll see.











Learning is messy!

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