eSchool News Publishes My Article

I was asked early last fall to write an article for eSchool News about our “Inclusion” experience last year. I submitted one and finally today it was published. They gave it a new title:

Video conferencing, web 2.0 apps help distance learners feel included”

Free services let homebound students enjoy classroom routines

If you follow this blog you probably know the story and there probably isn’t much new here, but I get encouragement from many fronts to continue to spread the word as an example of the power of web based FREE tools among other things … and I would have to agree with that notion. I’ll be teaching a class to teachers about Web 2.0 tools beginning next week and it will be interesting to see how many of them will know much about any of them. Getting the word out is still, unfortunately, one of the things we need to be doing.

Learning is messy

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