First Post At “In Practice”

Just made my first post over at “In Practice.” A group of us that teach in Title 1 schools (children of poverty) have started it up, mainly thanks to Alice Mercer who set the blog up and kept on those of us that expressed interest to follow through.

From the blog description:

 We find ourselves bridging many divides between cultures, between technology have-nots and the digital world that is coming, and between theory and actual practice.

When you have a chance, check it out.

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One thought on “First Post At “In Practice”

  1. Hi Bryan:

    First, thanks for sharing the link to the In Practice community blog. I just spent quite a bit of time reading the various posts on the blog and I must say that this blog has tremendous potential and should be quite valuable to educators within similar teaching environments.

    What really caught my attention was the part in the “about” section of the blog: “If we can make information technology, collaborative curriculum, and constructivist instruction work in the classroom, it can be done. All these approaches have to work with our children, not just the children of the rich and middle-class, if we are going to have a truly public education.”

    I found myself reading and rereading this with a sense of hope that this blog’s vision becomes reality.