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3 thoughts on “: ( My Trip To NECC 2008 In Jeopardy

  1. Oh NO!! How much are you short? The whole sh’bang? (Look THAT one up in the ol’ Funk and Wagnell’s, eh?)

    Keep us posted. I’m looking forward to getting a change to talk with you there this year. If we start a “Send Mr Crosby to NECC Fund” I’ll contribute!

    Good luck!

  2. I sure hope you can make it. Donations are not out of the question. Have you considered starting an entry on Donors Choose to fund your NECC travel? When I saw this the first time I thought this would be a great thing to feature on my blog header, promoting an individual teacher’s funded project. Give it some thought, this actually could work.

  3. Thanks Wes and Jim – I’m still trying through the usual channels … want another go at my principal who has been at NAESP conference, saw Daniel Pink (maybe that will help?) and will be back tomorrow … but if I don’t have a breakthrough soon I’ll consider your suggestions!