OK, You Got Your Feet Wet! – Professional Learning Networks

So it is the start of the school year and perhaps you have just started your trek into this new pedagogy, this new network of learners. I think it is kind of like that first step into the lake to swim. BUT, at least you stepped in:

OK, so the water looked a little intimidating. But you got your feet in and you can tell the temperature is going to make this a slow process before you are fully immersed (although there will be those that decide, “What the heck!” and jump right in). You also know you want to get all the way in and swim around like those that jumped right in, or those like you that got there earlier and already made it through the slower little by little immersion process you just started. Just know that you will get in, and you will end up swimming around like everyone else … and once you make it in and get more and more used to it, you are so glad you are fully immersed and able to fully participate with everyone.

That is what this PLN process will be like. You have great people, supportive people to help you and give you encouragement to keep going.

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