School Change Is Important … As Long As They Don’t Really Change!


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I made this poster from a photo I took at a turn of the century school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, using “Motivator” on FD’s Flickr Toys.

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… as long as when they are done changing they are pretty much just like they were when I was in school so I understand them.”

This is a quote I originally used when I presented to a group of local business people about changing how America’s schools work. I noted to them that when I had attended past meetings with them they often railed about how schools were not changing fast enough … but then would complain about any changes the schools made. It really had an impact on them … they got my point that schools and teachers were not the only impediment to school change, and it changed the tenor of the discussions we were having for the better. I often find myself referring back to it in new presentations and discussions I have.

I really do think it says a lot about what is standing in the way of making significant, important changes in how our schools work.

Learning is messy!

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One thought on “School Change Is Important … As Long As They Don’t Really Change!

  1. What a refreshing point of view. I think it is so true that so many people in our country complain about how things are at schools and other institutions and want changes. But when change actually happens they aren’t happy with that either. Thanks for writing such a candid, entertaining and informational blog!