TEDxNYED – The Pressure Is On

So in a week I will be jetting across the country, weather permitting, to New York to do my 15 minutes on stage at TEDxNYED. Based on a few Tweets and emails from the last week, I’ve been relieved to learn I’m not the only one in deep, nay, in my case, almost obsessive contemplation about that 15 minutes. I will say that my goal is to share what I and so many of my colleagues have been trying, doing and having success with – with this new (maybe only newish at this point?) pedagogy. In many ways, the pressure is on.

Learning is messy!

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5 thoughts on “TEDxNYED – The Pressure Is On

  1. Brian,
    So looking forward to hearing you speak. You are inspiring for the fact alone that you are in the trenches of the classroom and WITH kids everyday MAKING a difference. Add that to your vision…and…it won’t be anything but FABULOUS.

  2. I read your blog about you speaking at the TEDxNYED for just 15 minutes about a new pedagogy hopefully. Of course I was not what TEDxNYED was so I clicked on your link in your blog and read about the conference and from what I gather it seems like an honor to be able to talk about your view of what education is going to be like in the future. Because with technology taking over and changing the way education is viewed and also getting person’s outlook or future perspective on this topic is always enjoyable to read. As a college student majoring in Education and learning how to incorporate technology in the classroom has been a challenge in itself but also rewarding. I am in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at University of South Alabama and enjoyed reading your blog. GOOD LUCK SATURDAY!