Video-conferencing Video for News Story Needed

I have been contacted by a major broadcast network news organization over the phone and by follow-up email about a story they want to do. They are looking for video that shows both sides of an internet conversation. From the email I recieved:

“So, to reiterate, we are looking for webcam, Vlog and video footage that shows the communication (need video from both parties) between two people as a result of the internet for a September 11th segment on our ( ) news magazine, ( ). We want to showcase how the internet ties people together (via video footage) and we are building our story around the circle of life idea — birth, friendship, love, illness and death. Please let me know if you have any questions and if you can send me links and contact information, I’d be grateful.”

So if you have any video that meets their requirements let me know RIGHT AWAY and I’ll pass it on. Just leave me a comment.

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