What Do You Think Will Happen?

If you are a teacher here is a simple science / blogging project your students (or just you) can participate in. If you are NOT a teacher, participate yourself (it’s simple) or have your own children participate. We are sending up a high altitude balloon 100,000 feet. We are going to attach a green balloon, a blue balloon, an orange balloon and a Cheetos bag on one of our payloads. The orange one is full of air, the blue one is half full, and the green party balloon is filled about ΒΌ of the way with air. We are also attaching a Cheetos bag – snack size on the top of the payload. Next, we will send the payload up over 100,000 feet on a high altitude balloon. What do you think will happen to the balloons and chip bag? Leave a comment by following the link below or one of the student posts telling what you think will happen to each balloon and the chip bag. What effect will going up almost 20 miles high have? We will post photos later on our class blog to show what happened. LEAVE YOUR ANSWER (HYPOTHESIS) here by clicking on the “ADD A COMMENT” tab after the photos.

Here is a link to the photos one of our cameras took – one of the lakes you see is Lake Tahoe, the other is Pyramid Lake.

Learning is messy!

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