What Does a 21st Century Education Mean To You?

That’s the question being asked by the White House right now.

I happen to be presenting this Saturday at a Media conference here in Reno. This is a bit unusual for me since I usually present to educators. My presentation will be about what a 21st century education could be.

I’ll start out by asking attendees: If we brought a nurse from 100 years ago would they find hospitals really changed? Could that nurse possibly, with a minimum of training, just jump right in to her job, or would she find things too changed? (would you want her in your operating room?). How about a business executive from 100 years ago? Would they find the business world too changed to dive back in? Have the tools and methods in nursing and business changed much in 100 years?

How about a teacher? Would a teacher from 100 years ago really find things that changed? Whiteboards instead of chalkboards maybe? (My daughters’ high school still has chalkboards in half the rooms). It probably depends on the subject taught, but it might not be that much of a stretch in some cases?

So when I saw this link posted on Twitter today about the White House wanting feedback on 21st century schools, it made me think: What could 21st century schools be if we were going to change them or update them? Maybe even decide to start from scratch? Any ideas? Here’s your chance to have input… well at least the possibility of input, so give us some ideas.

And if you have the desire, perhaps you’ll consider posting whatever ideas you leave here to the White House page? Just a thought.


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One thought on “What Does a 21st Century Education Mean To You?

  1. Do you think that schools in the 21st century would benefit from ultra-high speed internet? Instant access to information, real-time streaming video to classrooms across the country with no choppiness… Worth the thought. If you think so too, please consider supporting the project to nominate the Reno area (the application is for washoe/sparks as well) for Google’s ultra-high speed gigabit internet: