Who’s Going To Build The Fence?

Just a thought. Who is going to work in the hot sun in the desert for low wages to build this fence between the U.S. and Mexico to keep the illegal migrant workers out? Umm???
Never mind.

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3 thoughts on “Who’s Going To Build The Fence?

  1. What good will the fence do anyway? The one in Tijuana doesn’t seem to stop anyone.

    I’m a Canadian who lives and works in Mexico City, and I find the whole immigration issue to be very sad and difficult to understand. It’s sad that people feel like they cannot work and live in their own country.

    The issue is also deeply difficult. Are there undercurrents of racisim? Discrimination? Wasn’t the United States founded by immigrants? At the same time, a country has every right to require legal immigration. No easy way to go about it.

    Last night I was watching the news. At the moment Mexico is caught in the middle of a pre-presidential election campaign. All the major candidates have something (usually worthless) to say about everything – and well last night I heard Felipe Calderón, supposedly one of the major candidates for president, make a comment that was quite true, and at the same time VERY disturbing considering the office he is trying to get into.

    I am still looking for a solid link to send you from one of today’s papers which quotes him directly, but for some reason the net is really S-L-O-W today. Here’s what he said in a nutshell: Building the wall would be a waste of American money. We’ll find a way to get over it anyway.