My Classroom Blog Is Open For Commenting

My fourth graders’ foray into the blogging world is now open. We are still discussing a name, so its current name is… “Name Goes Here” … which we laugh about, but we are trying (probably too hard) to come up with the perfect name. So anyone out there that would like to (please!) feel free to read some posts and comment. We are trying to blog a lot this week … we brainstormed some topics they want to blog about – some had a list of over 20 possibilities. You will note that most of my students are Second Language Learners (mostly Spanish, but also Vietnamese, Filipino and Portuguese). We will be trying to add posts all week.

Blogging can be messy!

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4 thoughts on “My Classroom Blog Is Open For Commenting

  1. Great to see that you have started a blog. My 5th grade class has been blogging for 4 months and we are trying to drum up some business. Free free to come and visit my site and comment on any of the blogs there. You may also link to many of my students blogs. By the way we are in shanghai and the students love when people comment on their blogs.

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  2. I am also a teacher and I am in the process of getting my district to allow me to set up a class blog. What advice do you have when presenting to the administration and what safety measures are you taking to protect your students

  3. Edvibes – 1) I send a letter home to parents explaining what we will be doing. 2) I use Classblogmiester because no student postings appear on the blog until I see them – when a student posts – before it shows up it comes to me in an email and until I click on the approval link it does not appear on the blog. I can tell the student they need to edit it before I’ll allow it to post if needed. 2) The same happens with comments – when someone leaves a comment it comes to me first – if it is inappropriate I delete it – it never appears on the blog. If it is OK, I just click on “Approve” and it shows up on the blog. That way no one can post an inappropriate post or comment unless I let it happen. BTW – I haven’t had an inappropriate comment yet – but I’m sure I will. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask for clarification.