Online Inclusion Project Update

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Well we got a computer for our “Inclusion Project” – a brand new 17 inch iMac that I picked up Thursday night – but we ran out of time to get it hooked up before break – and we are still waiting for the DSL connection. I have already set up a Skype account on the computer and I have to install a few other pieces of software. I must say that our new Apple Store was very helpful – imagine going into a tech/electronics store and the people there to help actually know something about what they are selling!

On the one hand I am a bit bummed that we are not already up and going, it has been almost 2 months since the inception of this idea, but as I said in an earlier post “beggars can’t be demanders,” and since we are asking for much to be donated …

In the spirit of this time of year, as usual, people come through – and they have truly come through on this project. Now all we have to do is make it work. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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