So You’re A Teacher And You’ve Been On The Web More Than Usual Because Of The Election? Stay Tuned And Read Some Blogs By And For Teachers!

I’ve been hearing news stories here and there about people in general, but also teachers commenting that they have been obsessed with the web the last weeks and months following the election. Does that describe you? Great! So now that the election is winding down keep that new habit going. Instead of finding out what is going on with the election find and read blogs by teachers, students and administrators discussing every topic and issue you are dealing with in your classroom, community and school. Find out what others are doing with this technology stuff that has them and their students so excited and engaged, and maybe jump in a bit yourself … there are lots of people here to support you.

So how do you get started? Well you made it here somehow. Look over on the right side of this page you’re reading right now and you will see a column labeled “Blogroll.” (NOTE: if you don’t see the blogroll on the right CLICK HERE) The titles under that “Blogroll” heading are links to other blogs. Click on some and read and try others (ONLY OF COURSE AFTER SPENDING TIME HERE FIRST : ) )

What you will find is that most of those blogs also have blogrolls of their favorite blogs (they’re not necessarily ALL about education by the way) that you can peruse too. It’s kind of like searching for books you like in the library … you open the book, check out the dust jacket, then decide whether it seems like something you’d like to read more of. The great thing about blogs that is different about your experience with books though, is that whenever you have the courage to do so (and its really not  as scary as it MIGHT seem) you can leave the author a comment right on their writing … you can just tell them it was great … or you can completely disagree (and of course detail why, bloggers love that) and maybe even get a conversation going.

Next read some blogs done by students … yep that’s right, many teachers have their students writing through blogs. Students as young as kindergarten and all the way through college level and beyond. Instead of telling you why here I’ll let you find out for yourself. Then, when you decide to have your students enter the 21st century you can start your own blog (it’s free!!!) and after you have some experience blogging yourself you can start a blog for your students.

All this based on the habits you’ve begun to nurture during the election process … see, something good can come from this election!!!

If you need any more encouragement just leave me a comment here and tell me what kind of support you need to get you started. Really!

Learning is messy!

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3 thoughts on “So You’re A Teacher And You’ve Been On The Web More Than Usual Because Of The Election? Stay Tuned And Read Some Blogs By And For Teachers!

  1. You do know that the blogroll doesn’t show up on individual posts page, so if someone comes here from a reader (like I did) you get sent to the post, and just go, huh?

  2. You’ll be encouraged to know that soon to be new teachers, like myself, are learning all about blogging. I am currently in a teacher’s program and we are required to blog (hence here I am), open a blog to the public, and become familiar with the whole process. I am amazed at how much information there is and how valuable a tool it is for students.