I’m Here! NECC 2007


Well my plane (jet) left an hour earlier than it said it would on my itinerary, but that worked out OK. I just read Dave’s Tips about how to behave while here – I hope I remember everything.

I learned during my visit to Houston in January that you do need to be aware of your surroundings. A presenter made a somewhat disparaging comment about our President, and the Texans in the crowd moaned and were not pleased. The woman sitting next to me explained that she did not support President Bush in many of his policies, but you do not say anything negative about him in Texas – or if you do it is at your own peril – good to know.

The photo is the view out of my 18th floor room. Does the Coca Cola sign in the distance have something to do with Dave’s comment about Pepsi? Oh well, I’m sure he was just kidding.

OK now I have to find something to do until EduBloggerCon tomorrow morning. Where’s my white hankerchief!?

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4 thoughts on “I’m Here! NECC 2007

  1. Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola, so that’s what Dave was referring to. If you are seen with a Pepsi, you may be detained and/or deported. 🙂

    If you’re looking for a good Atlanta experience, head over to The Varsity for a meal. Even if you don’t like what’s on the menu, at least stop in for some local “flavor.” The Spaghetti Factor on Ponce de Leon Avenue would be a good dinner choice as well. If you’re into baseball, the Braves are at home against the Tigers tonight at 7:30.

  2. WOO HOO —

    I fly out in 13 hours — and can’t wait.

    This is getting to be fun — even more so than last year (and that year I won a prize of $2500.00) and this is better.

    Can’t wait to see everyone!!

    And yes, get out the white hankie (you will need it!)