GRRRRRRRR! #%#**#@#!!!!– But Its OK … We Will Still Make It Happen! Online Inclusion Update 3

This is an update of some earlier posts.

I got back from my trip to Houston this morning and immediately touched base to see if phone line installation, DSL hook-up and modem delivery had happened. It was confirmed – everything was finally in place – all I had to do was go and do the installation of modem, computer and train my student how to make things work. I even dragged Doug Taylor, a sixth grade teacher, along who knows more about IT than I ever will in case what should be a no-brainer install ran into problems. Plus, once we had things running Doug was going to drive back to school and test the Skype connection from the school end so we could be sure things would work.

Well, we ran into problems … but nothing Doug could help with. NO MODEM had been delivered after all. After a few quick calls we determined it just wasn’t going to happen today UUUUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! So we packed up everything and left.

The upside is that I did finally meet my student in the flesh for the first time. She showed me some of her Christmas presents and I tried not to breathe my germs anywhere near her. Her wig (because of the chemo and radiation) looked good and she is really looking forward to getting this going. We will try again tomorrow if the modem is located – but she will only be around for a few days next week because of another procedure she has to have done. All the more reason we need to make this happen ASAP!

Learning is messy!!!!

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