Microsoft Windows XP, Office, Live Mail All For Only $3 – Legally!

The Indian Express Newspapers today announced in an article titled “Microsoft to sell govts $3 software package” that Microsoft:

“will sell a $3 package of Windows, Office and educational programmes to governments that want to load the software onto personal computers for students. The package, called the Microsoft Student Innovation Suite, will include the Windows XP Starter Edition operating system, Microsoft Office and Live Mail email software, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said in a speech at a conference for government leaders in Beijing on Thursady.”(sic)

Obviously the thought of a billion or two potential customers being introduced to computers running Linux and open source software have them scared:

“…The company (Microsoft) also wants to ensure that countries that offer free or cheap personal computers (PC) to students will choose Windows instead of the freely distributed Linux operating system. Microsoft will start selling the $3 software package in the second half of 2007, it said.”

Interesting …  very interesting.

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