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I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be attending my first EduCon in a few weeks and I wanted to make attendees both F2F and otherwise aware of what my “Conversation” will be about. My session/conversation is entitled: Elementary School In The 21st Century – How Does The Pedagogy Change? How Does That School Look?

When the discussion about a changed vision, an updated vision for education and schools happens, often that discussion is a more general one that doesn’t get much into the real specifics of what that could be … what should that look like? How schools will and should look will be different based on the age level of the students as it always has (unless you disagree). My goal here is not to come up with THE MODEL, but a possible model that would be a point of future discussion … something to point at as a starting point. In fact perhaps what will come out are several different possibilities instead based on location and other variables … that’s fine too. But I did want to focus a bit more specifically on elementary (this could easily be an “upper-elementary” or just a “primary-elementary” discussion too, but I don’t think we have time for that) because that’s where I am, and I think it gets a bit less attention in the general discussion online. The other reason is I think it will be just an interesting discussion period with others that have been mucking around with this stuff and have their experiences to bring to the convo.

Here is the description from the EduCon 2.2 wiki:

 School/pedagogy needs to change, adapt, modernize is the siren call. We will briefly look at and/or discuss examples of lessons, technology use, and projects in elementary school today. Then use the bulk of our time attempting to outline what a “changed” vision for elementary school could and should be. Is there anything that stays the same? Should we approach this from no cost matters, or try to do it for the same or lower cost? PEDAGOGY: Reading instruction … what changes? What doesn’t? Math? Other subjects? What about the building? Probably can’t raze them all and build new … so? What equipment/tools? We could dream big, but I’m thinking we might want to look at a model that is doable? What else? We can build a wiki so the thinking/planning can be archived and continued after the time runs out as well as accessed and added to by those attending off site.

Conversational Practice: We will build a wiki that will be available to continue after the session.

Come join me in some “Messy Learning” about the possibilities!

Learning is messy!

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3 thoughts on “EduCon 2.2 – Participate In My Conversation

  1. Brian, I’m going to try and follow along as much as I can. I’m really looking forward to discussion centered around elementary schools. I feel a lot that’s out there is centered around older students. Thanks for taking on this topic.