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Skype sent a camera crew to our classroom back in October to make a movie about how we used Skype to include a classmate with leukemia using video-conferencing. Even though Celest attends school regularly now, that day they had her stay home and attend school via Skype. The crew spent the morning in our classroom and the afternoon at Celest’s.

What is nice about this movie is that it gives you the real sense of how well we were able to interact using video-conferencing. If you know the story you’ll hear it again. Click here or the photo to see the video.

Learning is messy.

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8 thoughts on “New Skype Movie

  1. Brian,
    I will have a link to the video on edtechleaders.ning. I will be teaching an online workshop about Web 2.0 tool and this is a great example of the power of these tools. I teach math and technology in a vocational high school. I did a Skype lesson back to my school in Massachusetts from New Mexico last November. The students keep asking when we will Skype more and I am looking for classrooms who want to share lessons or resources.

  2. Nice post! Two things…one, please drop in on our skype discussion. We have hurdles in our district regarding security with skype. I would love to have your input. This story is very touching. We had a student who passed from the same disease- neuroblastomoa. You might have heard about her- Alex Scott (Alex’s Lemonade Stand). I work closely with the foundation and we run two projects online. Project Lemonade, which is a global project. And a Virtual Lemonade stand where we raise money for Kids with Cancer. If you are in an y way interested, please let me know. We might be able to work skype into this project (If we can ever get through the hurdles.)

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