Northern Nevada “21st Century Skills Kickoff”

The State of Nevada chronically places from last … to close to last in per pupil funding of public schools in the US .. while NOT having one of the lower standards of living. Hence Nevada is not at the forefront of investing in 21st century educational tools or methods. Recently there have been glimmers of enlightenment on the horizon and seemingly to prove the point a few of the powers-that-be have decided to showcase what edtech finesse has survived here in northern Nevada and make the case for more funding.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 3 – 6pm Pacific Standard Time our school district and local business people have co-produced what they are calling a 21st Century Skills Kickoff. Students and teachers from the area that are doing innovative learning with technology tools have been invited to come and show their stuff to education administration from our district and the state, local business leaders, politicians and the press. As many of my students as I can get there will be demonstrating what we do with our laptops – blogging, wiki-ing, Skyping, Flickr, TeacherTube and more.

I’m hoping to Ustream some or all of it (maybe not the speeches and such), and Skype in a few folks. I’ll try to give background to what we’ve done and then let them at the students … they will be the real stars of the show. This is being held at Truckee Meadows Community College so the network should be pretty solid … and I should be able to access Twitter which I can’t do from school so watch for updates there too.

If you get a chance and I manage to get Ustream to work check us out.

Learning is messy!

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