Online Inclusion Update 2

NOTE: This is the latest update about a post from December 7th: Hoping To Make a “Web 2.0” Difference In A Child’s Life and: Hoping To Make a “Web 2.0” Difference In A Child’s Life – Part 2 – about including a student assigned to my class that cannot attend school because of her depleted immune system that we are trying to “Skype” into our classroom.

“Hurry up and wait,” seems to be the theme here. I got a message from AT&T last Monday that the phone line and DSL service they are installing would be in her apartment by this past Thursday, so Friday I would be able to install everything finally. Unfortunately, Friday I was busy until 10:00pm and I left Saturday Morning on a trip, so now we have to wait until at least Thursday this week before I can install and train my student to use the internet, Skype and email etc., so I’m REALLY HOPING that this Friday we will give things a try.

My students in class have written some new blog posts about Inclusion that I need to get posted and we plan on making a vidcast about getting things set-up and our first attempts at including our off campus classmate – so watch for that.

Learning and inclusion are messy!

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3 thoughts on “Online Inclusion Update 2

  1. Brian, good luck with this venture! Be sure and mention here when your kids start posting those articles. I’d love to get my classroom of third graders into reading/commenting/writing about what you are doing there.