We Had To Video-Skype Celest From Her House Again Today

… but, not because she couldn’t come to school … a camera crew dispatched by Skype came to film us reenact a day of Skyping Celest.

They came an hour before school started and strung lights and did sound checks. Then we just ran our day and Celest joined up from home. Our overstressed network was dragging along today and so Skype dropped a lot – but the students in her group just re-established the connection each time and we continued on.

After lunch they filmed from Celest’s house to get her side of the story. In-between the crew allowed us to interview them about their work – I video taped it – it was very informal – the crew was great with the kids, and one spoke Spanish, so my 2 non-english speakers were able to join in – I might post it later.

I used Google Earth to set the scene for the book we started to read today – it takes place in Pennsylvania, so I started out at our school in Nevada and then “flew” to Pennsylvania … they were filming the front of the room at the time and missed the reaction of the students, so they had me “fly” to a few more locations just to get their reaction. As the main character in the book visited different locations we flew to each one and talked about the distance involved, terrain and general geography.

I guess this will be edited this week and used by Skype at a news conference in New York in a week or so. The representative from Skype that was there hinted that among other things there might be an announcement about something new from Skype … we’ll see.

Learning is messy!

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7 thoughts on “We Had To Video-Skype Celest From Her House Again Today

  1. Hi,

    Is this a case where you were skyping a homebound student into your classroom? I just did this for a student a couple of weeks ago, but he’s back now. Another district heard about it somehow and called to ask me. May I point them your way as well?

    And, I haven’t heard about any news conference about Skype in the past week. Did I miss it?


  2. I think it’s amazing that people that young are already so involved with technology. It’s hard to think that a fourth grader knows more about technology than I do! I think that it’s really cool that technology is getting so implemented into our learning system today and almost everyone knows how to use it these days.

  3. I think that this is an amazing technology that could help many kids who can’t come to school. It is amazing that kids that young are using this kind of technology.

  4. I think this is an amazing thing. It is a cool way to keep in touch with other towns and see what they are doing in their schools. It is also a new way to talk to people in your school in case you need to show them something and you can’t explain it to them. It is a great way for people to learn and grow. I hope in the future I am in a class where we use this!

  5. i think thats the coolest thing ever. its really good for kids that cant come to school. it can really help them. i think thats really cool that kids at a young age know so much about technology.