Home Sweet Home

I got word today that Celest is home much earlier than expected from her hospital stay out of town and feeling good. I’ll report back when she makes it back to class (via Skype). We haven’t seen her in about a month.

My school district is re-doing the attendance boundaries of the schools here because they have gotten out of whack because we are growing so fast. Where Celest lives is one of the areas that have been moved out of my school’s area – she is zoned for a different school and we have been told we cannot take “variances” which allow students to attend a school they are not zoned for. However they are willing to make an exception in Celest’s case because we offer her services she is not apt to receive at her zoned school. Since I’m rolling this class next year to fifth grade she could still be in my class and we could still Skype her in. That’s the good news. Now we just have to get the right people to fill out the right paperwork to make that happen.

Zoning is messy!

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