Are We Twittering Less And Enjoying It More?

I was introduced to Twitter last year at NECC in Atlanta and jumped in with both feet. Since then I have been as guilty as anyone with going through a period of almost obsession with the constant chatter and immediate feedback it provided … much of it just fun give and take, but the quick advice and support from experts was the real hook.

Some evenings as I worked on other things while having a Twitter window opened, I would be amazed how in just minutes there would be 2 or 3 windows of “Twits” to catch-up on … and at that time I was following less than 100 people. Now I’m close to following 200 and generally I’m noticing fewer Twits overall with spurts at times.

Why is that? I’m thinking the newness has worn off, other applications that have come along or changed are taking peoples time, families are demanding less Twitter/more attention … what else? … or am I wrong and people are Twittering as much as ever?

I know I’ve cut back, but I still find Twitter invaluable. So are we Twittering less and enjoying it more?

Learning is messy

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10 thoughts on “Are We Twittering Less And Enjoying It More?

  1. I think you’re right – twitter for me is an occasional pastime, a bit like eating chocolate. Tastes nice, can be addictive but having too much leaves you bloated and eventually you have to go and do other more active things to work it all off and get back in shape!

  2. I would have to agree that I am twittering less, not because I want to twitter less but because I am just so busy….is it summer yet? I think I may sleep for a week………..

  3. I twitter when I can answer a question that is posed, or I need to share something of interest to my twitter network. Sometimes I twitter to just let others know “what I’m doing” – so my network knows I’m OK. It can be addictive, I sometimes feel I miss something if I don’t check it often. I think that there are less conferences or workshops to twitter about, less times to announce ustreams. We are busy more, and not in front of our computers as much, the weather is nicer, families want some of our time. I’m not one to use twitter on my phone, maybe others have turned their mobile devices off for twitter as well. But I hope to continue learning, sharing and connecting with my PLN on twitter.

  4. I think your observations are valid and probably true for many. I value Twitter immensely, but there simply isn’t enough time to be there as often as I’d like. After the initial novelty wore off a bit, I found myself settling into a rhythm of just checking in several times a day. I really enjoy watching the way the time zones of the world determine who is likely to be on Twitter at any given moment. I do love the potential for almost immediate feedback on Twitter. I also enjoy the ways that some of the banter on Twitter helps us get to know each other better as people. Personality doesn’t always come through as clearly in other forums. Despite personality quirks, or probably in part because of some of those quirks, I’m convinced that my Twitter network is made up entirely of wonderful people.

  5. I have found myself twittering less and even feeling a little guilty or feeling left out. I absolutely love twitter, but this is the busiest time of year for me, and other things are starting to consume me. I am ready to pick things back up before the next NECC. I am looking forward to meeting some of my twitter friends face to face. I have found it to be so valuable for networking and learning!

  6. Sometimes I Twit all the time, then I go days without even opening it. I have found it to be very useful and I have gotten great information and made some great contact. Anyway if you want lspeers is my Titter name.

  7. Funny that I would happen to check your blog today, as I just went through a series of trials to make sure my Twhirl was working correctly because I have recieved only one tweet this morning.

    I think business and wrapping up the year have a lot to do with it. And I would agree that new software developments have taken from the time a user may look into Twitter. In my case, what I’m working on now was, in part, because of Twitter. All the info and links that come through can be overwhelming, maybe people are just trying to catch up.

  8. I think a lot of it has to do with schedule. I’m fairly new to Twitter but don’t always have the time to be on for long periods of time. In many cases, it’s 10-15 minutes here and there. I find myself going back a few pages when I log on to see what’s happening, but I’ve gotten over the idea that I have to always be in the know. It’s okay to miss something.

  9. I think everyone is right. For myself the only time I don’t have my Twhirl open is when I don’t have wireless! LOL However that said, I don’t actually Tweet everyday only when I need help, can help or find a cool resource. The end of the year is especially crazy so I am sure it will drop off even more, but I also know that the weeks before NECC will be Twitter-Crazed with people setting up RL F2F meetings. Still hoping for a Twitter Meet up! : )