First Images and Report About TEDxDenver ED


As each presenter shared onstage Janine Underhill made a “Graphic Representation” of what they were saying, doing and showing on an ENO interactive whiteboard. I was jumping around pretty quickly so I am amazed by just how she kept up with me. Thanks Janine! Above is the representation she drew during my talk. There are several others and a few photos from the night also posted on the TEDxDenver ED website with more to come.

When they are done editing they will also post the videos of each presentation.

Learning is messy!

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3 thoughts on “First Images and Report About TEDxDenver ED

  1. This is really beautiful! Do you know what Janine’s permissions are for the image? I think what this image also shows us is the process before we leverage our social networks to make sense of it all. This is exactly how I felt days 1-2 of ISTE, but once I hit my stride by the end of day 3, my map was more complex but more organized.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I am happy to share these images! It was a pleasure and a thrill to be a witness to the great ideas and capture them. In terms of permission… you have it! I would love a link back to my website when the maps are used or referenced….that’s all!

    Great job on the engaging talk!