My Tedx Denver ED Presentation Video

UPDATE 2 (7/15/2010)- OK, the video is back up sans my intro because my mic had an issue at first and the sound wasn’t great, so they edited that part out… not a big loss. I showed a slide of a classroom from 100 years ago and mentioned how Rttt (without naming it) was more a return to that era, like we just never got that 100 year old pedagogy down right and if we do so now that will fix the schools.

UPDATE1: I’ve been informed that they have temporarily taken down the video for more editing. It was posted by mistake before they were done. I will put a new link up when it returns. : )

Learning is messy!!

Well I tried to embed the video here, but I can’t get it to work from here at the airport, so instead I’m just putting the link here instead:

TEDxDenverEd- BrianCrosby- Back to the Future?

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4 thoughts on “My Tedx Denver ED Presentation Video

  1. Hello Brian,

    I loved your presentation. I really feel that more people need to see it… indeed I have done a blog entry to publicise the talk as I believe that you are an example for so many other teachers to follow.
    Thank you for your talk and well done on your work