School Supplies List: Pencils, Crayons, Paper, … Bulletproof Backpack …

For obvious reasons this caught my eye …
From the article: Back-to-school goes ballistic  by Barbra Green

Just in time for the new academic year, Massachusetts-based MJ Safety Solutions has unveiled My Child’s Pack, described on the company’s website as the first “full size, lightweight ballistic protection backpack that is affordable and practical.”

The response has been overwhelming.

“We were pretty sure that parents would take to this,” said co-founder, Mike Pelonzi, but the incredible demand for the product has caught everyone there off guard. Orders for the $175 US bags have been pouring in online and the one store in Pelonzi’s hometown of Danvers, Mass. carrying the packs has been sold out since day one.

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4 thoughts on “School Supplies List: Pencils, Crayons, Paper, … Bulletproof Backpack …

  1. There is a small blurb about these in the current issue of Time as well. But, it says “Up to Code? The bulletproof plate has passed the National Institute of Justice’s safety test. But Boston public schools have yet to decide whether the backpacks could be perceived as “threatening or offensive” under the dress code. If so, they will not be allowed on school grounds.” So maybe they school’s won’t even allow students to have them.

  2. I think it is just a gimmick and some parents are falling for it. No kid needs a bullet proof backpack. Maybe it is some kind of political statement. If a kid feels safer with a bullet proof backpack we are in deep poo in this country.