Sorry, But This Is Just Too Exciting!

I blogged a couple of days ago about a using Skype to connect a family that is split by cancer. Mom and 3 year old are 250 miles away in Oakland at Childrens’ Hospital – Dad and siblings are here in Reno. We just successfully made a connection so that now the family can see each other and converse to their hearts content. I know I bring this kind of connection up a lot – its not hard to do and it has so many positive implications for education – just way too cool. They put the headset on the “reluctant to speak” 3 year old and after much prodding I got her to wave and look at Mom and say hi and wave. Can you tell I’m totally psyched!?
Learning is messy!

Update – I’m adding this to this post to show someone new to blogging how a trackback works.

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2 thoughts on “Sorry, But This Is Just Too Exciting!

  1. Brian,
    First, I have got to say thanks for contributing to my blog last night. I am not sure I have the trackback concept down yet, but I will look at other blogs that have it and I will learn from them.

    Skype-This is a hot button issue in our school district/region. Our Tech People say that it opens some kind of port that could allow anyone to load stuff on a server. The techs also say that “it bypasses the firewall.” I use skype all the time eventhough or technology director asked all of us the uninstall it from our computers. I don’t always follow the rules.

    I am glad to here that you help connect a family seperated by a terreble decease like cancer. It is funny, I have two kids and when they were young, they did not “get” the phone. But skype the get. There were able to converse and my partents, who are 6 hours away, were able to read bedtime stories to my children using skype.

    I love skype I just wish I understood the security threat better.