A Hit and a Miss

I finished the last of four  4 hour classes I taught on Flickr, blogs, wikis, writingfix.com, digital video, TeacherTube and Skype (and a few other things) last night. To demo Skype I made a connection with Chrissy in New Zealand. I had never met Chrissy or been to her blog, but she was the first to answer my request. What a way to make my point of how easy using Skype is. I typed in her Skype name, clicked on it and 10 seconds later there she was along with her class. She announce that she was from our future since it was 11:30 Wednesday for her and 4:30 Tuesday for us. She shared how she uses Skype with her students – making connections with other classes in other places and that was it. Just simply cool. I sent her a thank you email and expressed the hope that we could possibly have our students work on something together, especially since the time zones make that possible.

On the other hand, I was supposed to join the WOW2 usual Tuesday night chat to demo how that works by having Cheryl Oakes, Jennifer Wagner, Sharon Peters, & Vicki Davis respond to a question or two. I entered the chat just fine but every time I tried to listen in I was knocked off their site … I’ve been on before … from home, no problem. I was running late and didn’t have time to problem solve for long – so I apologize if I disrupted things there : ( – Dang and my track record was doing so well too.

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3 thoughts on “A Hit and a Miss

  1. Brian, we were waiting for you, so please try again! Next week would be fine. It was a strange night I was unable to get the chat to work in Flock, my normal browser. I also heard from others that channel A wasn’t working for them on the first try. But this explains why we saw you log on, enter, leave, a few times.
    But, the best point for your class, don’t give up.Try a different browser, realize it is NOT you, but the technology. Hope to see you on a Tuesday.
    Cheryl Oakes

  2. We missed you — and were ready to chat with you — and then “Poof” you were gone.

    We posted the question about wiki’s in the chatroom — so you might wish to check it for responses (I will too!)

    Let’s try again…….we have May 22nd open — would you like the entire hour??