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So my students have been making wikis for awhile and I decided to make the last 6 we needed for our Reno Bike Project, project  by having them demonstrate what they’ve learned. We brainstormed as a class what information each wiki page should have and then I gave each group of 3 to 4 students one of the pages to make without any other guidance from me.

We are under a time crunch (9 days of school left) so this was hard for me to watch as the clock was ticking, and mostly the messy side of things happened. What’s going to be fun is watching these pages evolve in the next few days. We will review them as a class, in groups, and individually … and tweak them continually.

I do think I designed the brainstorming session today poorly and that made it harder for students to do their jobs than it should have been, so we will re-visit that tomorrow and go from there. If you’d like to watch the fun ensue here is a link to the main page (that is one of the pages one group is in charge of btw) that contains all the links to the pages the students have already made and are in the process of making now.

Learning is messy!

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4 thoughts on “Messy Wikis

  1. I have a question. Do the various colors indicate which child is editing the page and adding his/her entry? I think it is an example of a wonderful collaborative project.

  2. Judi – No, but each group is collaborating on 2 of the wikis and other parts of the project, but the color choices are being discussed in their groups and sometimes they ask students outside their group for their opinion.

  3. Great wiki! Love the topics there and the information that has been gathered. It is amazing how students personalize the page (as long as the whole sentence is not highlighted!) It is great to watch how students decide what looks best on the page and general format. Let us know when they are done and we can see the finished product!