Would This Make Any EduBloggerCon Even Better!?

EduBloggerCon at NECC 2007 was definitely one of the highlights for those involved. So much so that EduBloggerCons have started to spring up at more conferences. Well I think perhaps another professional development gem has been born in Canada. Darren Kuropatwa, Dean Shareski, Clarence Fisher and others have blogged about MB EduBloggerCon and how powerful the informal session in a restaurant  bar discussing and showing examples of work and connections they all make. Someone would pop up and share for 10 to 30 minutes (kind of ala TEDTalk) then that was allowed to rattle around the room for a while and then someone else would get up and do their piece and so on.

Perhaps this “InformalCon” or unconference format should be added to EdBloggerCons in the future … perhaps the evening of the EdBloggerCon at NECC 2008 (if not at an earlier conference) would make a great experience even better. Just a thought. I think this appeals to me because it is messy learning. MessyCon? … umm … nevermind.

Learning is messy.

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2 thoughts on “Would This Make Any EduBloggerCon Even Better!?

  1. I wished we had been more interactive with the crowd. I felt a bit out of place in that I was a guest but really wanted to see what the rest of the crowd thought. Darren and I talked later about using the pecha kucha model of presenting and then let the conversations ensue. But certainly the short “teaser” type presentations are effective.

    I wasn’t even planning to talk. I just decided about 30 minutes before i did that maybe I could add something. Planning matters but sometimes but having a network at my fingertips helps too. Thanks for helping.

  2. I’m most interested in this, and adding it to the Palm Springs (CUE) and San Antonio (NECC) EduBloggerCons. Thanks for pointing it out–I’m going to go and read the other blog posts.