National Writing Project Funding Threatened!

That’s right … and maybe worse – that puts funding for the incredible WritingFix web site in jeopardy too! I’m a Writing Project Consultant, and in fact I’m teaching a class right now for the Northern Nevada Writing Project. These are programs and resources that have proved invaluable over time.

Link to National Writing Project web site.

Link to National Writing Project’s Ning.

From the WritingFix web site:

WritingFix is in real danger of disappearing. The National Writing Project–the most successful and effective national professional development organization in the history of our country–is in true danger of losing its funding. The NWP’s annual funding to our Northern Nevada Writing Project could very well go away, which means this website would no longer be available; in addition, thousands of other NWP-sponsored projects all over the country would disappear. Click here to read details about this frightening budget development. If you, your colleagues, and your students value this website, we urge you to send a letter to any of our nation’s legislators, asking them to sign George Miller’s Dear Colleague Letter in support of the NWP. These letters must be received by March 12. Please don’t delay. Even a short letter will do. As this website has tried to prove since 2001, writing is powerful. Writing a letter today could save this website and a powerful national organization that has supported teachers for over thirty years.

In addition check out this post over at Bud Hunt’s blog where he lays out a bit more information. Zac Chase also has a post that includes links to studies that show the effectiveness of the NWP HERE.

Please contact you representatives!

Learning is messy!!!

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