Not How I Envisioned Starting The Year

Got into my classroom today to start setting it up for the new school year, school begins in just over a week, and was informed that at least 10 of my class iBooks were stolen. The thieves also got all our HP laptops that were in carts (32) and even took one of the carts!

So now I have to re-think my year. I won’t be 1:1 anymore – more like 1:2 at best so that really changes how and what we can do even if the iBooks are mine to use consistently. I know many would love to have even 1:2 and we will still do good stuff, but I’m really trying to showcase 1:1 … so it is disappointing to say the least. I was able to do our 1:1 pilot because we had the 32 HPs … without them the iBooks may have to be available to check out school wide which is only fair.

Well, maybe some good will come from this. After all,

Learning is messy!

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10 thoughts on “Not How I Envisioned Starting The Year

  1. Chris, VERY TEMPTING! BUT… We are a “HP” district. IT would throw a fit … but maybe. I only have Macs because we got them before IT decided to unify on one platform and brand. Rumor is that we might have a breakthrough this year with IT … we seem to be wearing them down.

    George, If it was up to the district … no way. We are on the third round of cuts … another 14%. However there is a good chance the HP’s will be replaced via insurance (but they won’t be available for my 1:1) … not so sure about the iBooks … however our status as “groundbreakers” might help. Stay tuned!

  2. Chris: I might give it a try … however, we not only have to buy HP, we are restricted to certain models of HP that our IT people have been trained to work on and that parts have been ordered for. I checked and the mini-note isn’t on the list. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try! Thanks!

  3. Does school insurance not cover the theft and replacement? I would see what needs to be done to get these replaced and write a detailed explanation about why it is so important that you get these replaced. Just a thought.

  4. Wow, terrible news. So sorry that you lost your Macs. We switched to the dark side 9 years ago and I still hate it. I would never spend my personal money on a PC. Our support costs have quadrupled with Dells.

    Doesn’t your district have insurance on the contents of your building? Seems like your equipment should be covered.