From The “Another Sign That The Times They Are A Changin’ Department”

I thought this was a moderately interesting sign of the times. We are on vacation right now visiting New York, Boston, Philadelphia and more. At our hotel in New York my 13 year old daughter had to have me get her shower going (and my 15 year old watched because she was next) because she had NEVER SEEN separate handles  – one for hot water, one for cold. In her whole life she has only used faucets with a single handle that mixes hot and cold – and she has stayed in many hotels, friends and relatives homes, etc. It made me think of that list that comes out about this time each year that describes the current graduating high school class in terms of things that have always or never been true in their lives –  “… they have never known a time when personal computers weren’t in schools.” Where is that list from this year?

Growing older is messy!

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