2010 Nevada Interactive Media Summit


I’ll be presenting at the 2010 Nevada Interactive Media Summit on March 6, 2010, at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Joe Crowley Student Union.

I’m looking forward to showcasing what my students have been up to, and hoping to make the case for a new pedagogy with a different audience than I usually speak to. My presentation is titled:

“21st Century Classrooms – Engaging, Networking, Publishing, Collaborating To Build Understanding”

The session description reads:

Our schools and classrooms are rooted in a model of education developed over a hundred years ago. Experience what happens when even our most “at risk” students are provided 21st century learning tools and a changed pedagogy that stresses connecting, networking, questioning and active learning versus the, “sit quietly and learn to be taught” form of school. See how students build schema and knowledge by connecting globally to experience challenging and engaging learning opportunities.

It would be great to see other educators there, and the presentations being offered look great!

Keynote Speaker Erin Kotecki Vest

Media, Journalism & Government

“The New Look of Interactive Governmenth with Kristi Fifelski

“Why This Is Reno: Community News Building from The Ground Up with Bob Conrad and Ryan Jerz

“Twits and Tweets: Covering Nevada Government and Politics in the Social Media Age” with David Bobzien,Anjeanette Damon and David McGrath Schwartz

“The Future of Journalism:  How Interactive Media Is Changing the Future” with Tracy Viselli, Beryl Love, Brian Burghart and Kirk Caraway

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

“21st Century Classrooms – Engaging, Networking, Publishing, Collaborating To Build Understanding” with Brian Crosby

“Towards a New Entrepreneurship – A Backwards Approach” with Eric Jennings and Ashley Jennings

“Building a Winning Personal Brand” with Bret L. Simmons, Ph.D.

“Social Media Patterns for Social Media Applications” with Joe Chavez

“Beyond LOL:  Rebuilding a Business Using Social Media” with Ron Bell

Best Practices

“Searching for Strategy: There’s More to SEO than Code” with Mike McDowell

“Keeping it Legal: Learning to Protect Yourself in the Interactive Media Space” with Christina Gagnier

“Smart From the Start, or Dumb from the Get-go? The Nevada Wilderness Project’s One-year Anniversary with SMedia” with Charlotte Overby and John Wallin

“Building, Engaging and Managing Online Communities” with Annie Flanzraich

“Building Brands and Interactions through Content Marketing” with Mike Henderson

Tools & Techniques

“New Media 101: What Is It, Why Use It?” with Mike McDowell

“Everything you need to know about using as an EFFECTIVE business tool” with Camilla Downs

“Maximizing the Potential of Your Audience with Current Social Networking Trends” with Peter Blue

“50 Apps to Fuel Your Business” with Colin Loretz and Annie Vranizan

“Using Your Head (and Some Cool Tools) to Build Your Edge” with Charlotte-Anne Lucas

Special Opportunities

“Not Your YouTube Video: TriCaster Brings TV-Quality Live Streaming to the Masses” with Steve Halliwell and Susan Breidenbach

Tours of the @One area of the Matthewson-IGT Knowledge Center including the Dynamic Media Lab, the DataWorks Lab and the Multimedia Center

Learning is messy!

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